Audio visual glossary of European nature

Comenius school partnership
"Natural Treasures of Europe"

Partners: Germany (project coordinator), Latvia, Greece, Belgium, France, Portugal, Turkey, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, Poland.

Our Project emphasizes the importance of protecting the environment and its biodiversity in an interdisciplinary way.

Getting in contact with environmental organizations and scientists pupils will broaden their knowledge throughout the project.

The European Landscape is deeply influenced by our land use, so we will study the influence of man on the local environment.

Analyzing consequences of the interaction between man and nature will lead students to a proposal for better management, volunteering actions and ecologic activities.

Audio visual glossary

Using IT resources pupils together with the Latvian project coordinator Irīna Lučina create an audio-visual dictionary which contains photos, word pronunciation in English and excursion material that was collected visiting nature parks in Latvia and in other countries.

Developer: Dmitry Migunov

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